How-To Build and Boot Plan 9 on BG/P

This is the source tree for the HARE project.  In order to build
the Plan 9 kernel for Blue Gene you will need to download a normal
Plan 9 distribution from  The
Plan 9 distribution can be run under VMware, Qemu, or on standard
PC hardware if you have devices which it supports.

In order to build a crossbuild environment to the /sys/src directory 
within your Plan 9 environment and build the PowerPC version of the
Plan 9 distribution:

% cd /sys/src
% objtype=power mk installall

Once this completes, you can go into the hare source tree within the
Plan 9 environment and build the kernel:

% cd /usr/username/src/hare/sys/src/9k/bgp
% mk

The resulting 9bgp.elf and can be copied to your BG/P front end and used
as a kernel for either the IO node or the CNK node.

You can see an example of our Blue Gene/P front end environment that is
intended to run on top of Inferno ( 
in hare/usr/inferno/appl/cmd