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A Microsoft Windows executable that uses the Windows Volume Snapshot
Service (VSS_) to create a snapshot of a Windows drive that can then be
accessed via rsync (or any other program).

.. _VSS:

I primarily use this program as a wrapper around rsync, so that rsync
can be called by dirvish_. I routinely back up Windows boxes to Linux
servers using tb-rsync-vss with cygwin_ rsync and sshd.

.. _dirvish:
.. _cygwin:

tb-rsync-vss was written by `Eric V. Smith`_ of `True Blade Systems,
Inc.`_, and is released under the `Apache License, Version 2.0`_.

.. _`Eric V. Smith`:
.. _`Apache License, Version 2.0`:
.. _`True Blade Systems, Inc.`:

tb-rsync-vss has been installed and tested on Windows 7 (64-bit) and
Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit).

Compiling tb-rsync-vss

I've compiled this with Visual Studio 2010 using the include
tb-rsync-vss.sln. This solution file allows you to compile either 32-
or 64-bit versions of tb-rsync-vss. For 64-bit Windows, you **must**
use the 64-bit version of tb-rsync-vss.

Pre-compiled .msi files

Pre-compiled .msi files, both 32- and 64-bit, are available on the
project's `home page`_. The default installation
location for these installers is "<program files>\\True Blade
Systems". That location will be used in all examples in this document.

.. _`home page`:

The Visual Studio solution file includes projects to build these .msi