python-chrono / NEWS

Full commit
xxxx-xx-xx: 0.3.0

New features:

* Added and for difference calculations
* Added support for julian day numbers
* Added chrono.DEFAULT_CALENDAR for setting default calendar
* Added chrono.DEFAULT_PARSER for setting default parser

2010-02-06: 0.2.0

New features:

* Added support for european date/time formats
* Added support for US date/time formats
* Added support for US calendar
* Added Calendar.fullyear(), converts 2-digit years to 4 digits

Backwards-incompatible changes:

* ISOParser methods for specific formats now returns a full normal
  date with year, month, and day instead of parsed values


* Fixed handling of 0 hour in Formatter for $12hour and $012hour

2010-01-24: 0.1.0

* Initial release