python-chrono / HACKING

Making a Release

* Prepare the code
  * hg pull -u
  * Update version number in chrono/
  * Update NEWS file
  * ./ test
  * ./ test -p python3.1
  * ./ doctest
  * hg commit -m "prepare version x.y.z" && hg push

* Generate the source distribution
  * Tag new version [hg tag x.y.z && hg push]
  * Create branch, if not bugfix rel [hg branch x.y && hg commit && hg push]
  * Remove any old documentation [rm -rf doc/doctrees/ doc/html/]
  * Generate distribution, upload to pypi [./ sdist upload]

* Release and announce new version
  * Upload new distribution to
  * Upload new documentation to the wiki (python-chrono-wiki repo)
  * Announce release on wiki
  * Announce release on

Unit Tests

To run all unit-tests, execute tests/
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