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don't subclass gnome.ui.HRef

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 2005-01-01  Erik Grinaker <erikg@codepoet.no>
+	* don't subclass gnome.ui.HRef (abstract widget from
+	gnome-python 2.9.x - subclassing causes crash)
+2005-01-01  Erik Grinaker <erikg@codepoet.no>
 	* renamed Makefile test target to check


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 - the Domain field used the tooltip as its name
 - quit works correctly after continuing from an unhandled error
 - gtk/gnome command-line arguments are handled correctly
+- don't subclass gnome.ui.HRef (abstract widget from gnome-python 2.9.x)
 Code changes:
 - rewrote and cleaned up all code

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 import bonobo.ui, gobject, gtk, gnome.ui, os, pango, pwd, time, xml.dom.minidom
 from xml.parsers.expat import ExpatError
+from gnome.ui import HRef as LinkButton
 STOCK_ADD			= "revelation-add"
-class LinkButton(gnome.ui.HRef):
-	"A button containing a link"
-	def __init__(self, url, text):
-		gnome.ui.HRef.__init__(self, url, text)
-		self.get_children()[0].set_alignment(0, 0.5)
 ##### MENU ITEMS #####
 class ImageMenuItem(gtk.ImageMenuItem):