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use better lock icon

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 	* check generated passwords strength if length >= 8
+	* use better lock icon
 2005-03-17  Erik Grinaker <>
 	* fix potential crash on quit with some pygtk versions
 - use fallback folder icons when not found in theme
 - hide any open dialogs when locking the file
 - update icons on theme change
+- use better lock icon
 - left-align labels in link-buttons (for URLs etc)
 Code changes:
 			( STOCK_GENERATE,	"_Generate",	gtk.STOCK_EXECUTE ),
 			( STOCK_GOTO,		"_Go to",	gtk.STOCK_JUMP_TO ),
 			( STOCK_IMPORT,		"_Import",	gtk.STOCK_CONVERT ),
+			( STOCK_LOCK,		"_Lock",	"stock_lock" ),
 			( STOCK_NEXT,		"Ne_xt",	gtk.STOCK_GO_FORWARD ),
 			( STOCK_OVERWRITE,	"_Overwrite",	gtk.STOCK_SAVE_AS ),
 			( STOCK_PASSWORD_CHANGE,"_Change",	"stock_lock-ok" ),
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