Revelation lacks an autotype feature.

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Lee Hyde
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Revelation lacks an auto-type feature akin to that of KeePass(X). This, in my opinion, is a major usability issue for Revelation. Without it I couldn't possibly countenance migrating from KeePass(X).

As things stand, an end user must 'explicitly' interact with Revelation (i.e. open Revelation, locate the credential(s) one needs, copy the credential(s) and paste them into the appropriate application/website). This is rather labourious and time consuming, especially compared to simply using human memorable (if less secure) passwords. With auto-type an end-user could effectively treat Revelation as a background process¹ triggerable via a hotkey.

1. Incidentally, if an auto-type feature were to be implemented, it might be an idea to offer end users the choice of triggering Revelation as either a background process/daemon or a minimised panel applet/application-indicator. I'd rather not have Revelation taking up valuable real-estate in my dock/pager.

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