"Open file on startup" does not work when files sits on NTFS partition

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Anonymous created an issue

When setting the "Open file on startup" file to a Revelation file on an NTFS partition, the file is not remembered and does not open on startup.

Moving the file to a subfolder in my home folder fixed the problem.

Using Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic and Revelation 0.4.11 from the Karmic repositories.

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  1. Anonymous

    The same problem applies, when using special characters (i.e. german umlauts) in the filename. I am also using 0.4.11 on Karmic.

  2. cweiske

    I have this problem with Revelation 0.4.13 on Ubuntu 13.10.

    Instead of opening "Dokumente/passw├Ârter", it tries to open the double-URL-encoded "/home/cweiske/Dokumente/passw%C3%B6rter" file.

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