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I was ironically getting ready to gzip my home directory to do a backup and i decided to peep in my revelation file (named default) with vi. I didn't make any changes, and was going to exit but accidentally typed :wq (which saves the file then quits). Alas, now revelation gives me the invalid data message. I have lots of passwords that I have randomly generated that would be nice to get back. Any chance of recovery? I don't know what vi wrote to the file, but I defiantly didn't add anything in myself.

Sorry if this shouldn't be posted here and thanks so much.

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  1. mikel

    vi modifies the binary file.

    I've tested creating an entry on a new file and:

    root@ubuntu-64:# cp issue2 issue2.orig root@ubuntu-64:# md5sum issue2 issue2.orig 2f598e4db8545a1e1c6c47af8e0ada8b issue2 2f598e4db8545a1e1c6c47af8e0ada8b issue2.orig root@ubuntu-64:# vi issue2 root@ubuntu-64:# md5sum issue2 issue2.orig 05d553613da20e145bfd96ff21ee33da issue2 2f598e4db8545a1e1c6c47af8e0ada8b issue2.orig root@ubuntu-64:# cat issue2 rvl�� � �,�[xН�]�y��u���G);��l�#� ,u������:]J8>��az8�!������P{�n�i�)�y�[}ɱ5 NODG�Ft?�{:\��G��h� [�� ���g>-.q�>m�2�o���P�tN]@O��,z�]B�t������d��źH+ijYNE����^.�vڝN root@ubuntu-64:# cat issue2.orig rvl�� � �,�[xН�]�y��u���G);��l�#� ,u������:]J8>��az8�!������P{�n�i�)�y�[}ɱ5 NODG�Ft?�{:\��G��h� [�� ���g>-.q�>m�2�o���P�tN]@O��,z�]B�t������d��źH+ijYNE����^.�vڝNroot@ubuntu-64:#

    Could be fixed removing what vi added but I think this is out of the scope of revelation

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