Decrypting password file is very slow/CPU intensive

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When it asks you for the password to unlock your password database/file, enter it

As soon as you enter it, 100% CPU usage for many seconds (16 seconds on a netbook with an Atom N270 CPU!) until the file is decrypted and the UI is responsive again.

Surely a Core2Quad CPU is not a requirement for decrypting a 12 kilobytes password file with a 4 letter password ;)

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  1. Anonymous

    Can you tell if the slow part is in the decryption or in the key derivation (PBKDF2)?

    I noticed than the iteration count is hard-coded in src/lib/datahandler/ Revelation2 uses 12000 -- should be stored with the salt as luks does. RevelationLUKS uses 5000 -- should this not be configurable when creating the file?

    If the OP is using a 4 letter password, he is obviously more concerned with convenience than security. He might want to drop the number of rounds to 50 or so to make it even easier for an attacker to crack his vault.

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