Applet incompatible with Gnome 3

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After moving to Gnome 3 in Fedora 15, I was disappointed to find out the Gnome 2 applet was no longer supported.

There are several programs which have already been ported over to the new gnome 3 applet style, such as the IBus language input applet, and also the network manager applet. Gnome 3.2 is also bringing back the weather applet.

I would really appreciate if the revelation applet could also be ported as well. It's a very big part of the revelation functionality and Gnome 2 is quickly being deprecated.

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  1. Anonymous

    I would really like to see an applet for gnome 3 as well. Opening the client every time is a really big reduction in functionality.

  2. Anonymous

    I really enjoy using this program as well. Thanks for your work on it. The panel applet is the icing on the cake though and was SUPER useful in Gnome2. If it could come back, I'm sure a LOT of people would be very happy.

  3. Anonymous

    How can I help to get the applet working for gnome3? I'm an old fashioned C developer. Any documentation that might help me to get some things done for the applet?

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