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Issue #66 new

alt key clears text selection on Ubuntu

Callum Macdonald
created an issue

I've posted this on the Ubuntu bug tracker, as the issue may be specific to Ubuntu, or more generally with Revelation, I'm unable to test on other platforms. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/revelation/+bug/968120

I've tested this on a "Guest session" on Ubuntu, which is a brand new user account, so I don't believe the issue is specific to my configuration.

Steps to recreate: 1) Create a new password file 2) Create a new password entry 3) Preferences > General > Passwords > "Display passwords and other secrets" check 4) Double / triple click password to select text 5) Press the alt key

At this point, the text selection disappears and the cursor is flashing at the start of the password.

The typical workflow for me is select password, alt-tab back to application, middle click to paste password. This bug breaks this workflow because pressing alt clears the text selection.

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