Revelation / TODO

Full commit
- add import/export of GPasMan files
- add import/export of zsafe files
- add import/export of gnukeyring files
- add import/export of web confidential files
- add import/export from browser (firefox, mozilla, epiphany, galeon)
- sorting of the tree
- string cleanups
- add binary entropy check to password checker
- fix drag/drop undo crashes
- make result label in password checker wrap when text overflows
- use icons instead of colors in password entry to indicate strength
  (see: epiphany address entry)
- fix unicode encoding/decoding on import/export
  (this also means encoding/decoding the file password)

- ensure complete UTF-8 support
- improve the file format
  - remove namespacing for field identifiers
  - add a unique id for each entry (md5sum or something)
  - xml namespace (can identify xml type in fd.o mime system)
  - sha-256 password hashing
  - 10k password hash iterations
  - add note / comment field to accounts
  - add remote desktop account type
  - add im account type
  - clean up the account types
  - possibility for custom account types
  - custom launchers
  - account type for cd-keys (games, apps etc)
  - "file" account type - stores file path and password, launches
    app based on MIME-type on "go to"
- file merging (union - this *really* need unique entry ids)
- dbus-server for getting/setting account data
- accessibility improvements
- translations
- add a dropdown widget for list fields (like email protocol etc)
- restructure the configuration layout
- recent docs
- use gnome_authentication_manager_init() from gnome-python when
- port to gtk+ 2.6 / gnome 2.10
  - gtk.AboutDialog
  - ellpisize labels in data view with gtk+ api
  - filechooserbutton
- bugfix: make autolock filter trigger on certain events only
  (needs pygtk bug #156948 to be fixed first)
- misc command-line arguments
- terminal-friendly frontend (curses-based?)

- attempt full HIG compliance
- misc polishing
- help / documentation

- allow users to create custom account types

2.0.x: use gnome-keyring as backend?