Revelation / TODO

- password strength check (cracklib?)
- option for autolocking the file after a period of inactivity
- add a password generator dialog (under Tools/Password Generator menu)
- program-launchers for misc account types (announce on rvl-list
  when done in svn)
- export to XHTML/CSS files
- add a "changed" signal to the EntryStore - requires all methods to
  be atomic (can't call add_entry() etc directly, since it triggers
  the signal repeatedly)
- quicksearch entry in the toolbar

- will introduce a gnome 2.6 dependency
- gnome integration (gnome-vfs, session management, recent docs etc)
- add support for "copy username/password to clipboard", useful when
  hiding the passwords
- drag'n'drop
- display filtering
- new gtk+ 2.4 file selector
- add a mime-type for the data file (application/x-revelation-data)
  - based on the fd.o shared mime database spec
- use themed icons when possible
- make the EntryDropdown display the icon on the button as well as
  in the menu
- restructure the configuration layout
- use a combo box for the username field
- use a fileentry widget for file fields (key file, certificate)
- use a spin button for integer fields (port)
- add a dropdown widget for list fields (like email protocol etc)
- use the row= arg to the TreeStore functions to avoid column indexes
- add info about file as cmdline-arg in --help text
- string cleanups
- don't use modal dialogs unless absolutely necessary

- remove support for version 0 data files
- improve the file format
- gnome panel applets (account lookup, password generator etc)
- accessibility improvements
- help / documentation
- internationalization
- translations

- attempt full HIG compliance
- misc polishing
- branch for 2.0; based on gnome-keyring backend instead of
  data files

- allow users to create custom account types