Revelation / NEWS

2004-08-30: Revelation 0.3.3

New features:
- added entry launchers
- added a search toolbar (disabled by default)
- added a password generator dialog
- added an XHTML/CSS exporter
- unknown errors are reported in a dialog with an error call traceback

- entry descriptions were not set when adding/editing an entry
- changed the keyboard shortcuts for add, edit and update entry to use
  the control modifier key, to avoid overriding other use of the keys.
  the old keyboard shortcuts can still be used when the tree has focus

Code changes:
- created subclasses of Entry class for the various entry types
- created subclasses of Field class for the various field types
- added config_get() and config_connect() convenience functions

2004-08-09: Revelation 0.3.2

- don't attempt to load the removed druid module on startup

2004-08-08: Revelation 0.3.1

New features:
- added a preference for autosaving data on change
- added import/export of .netrc files
- added import/export of GNOME Password Manager (gpass) files
- replaced the import/export druids with normal file selectors
- window size and position is stored on quit
- default type when adding entries is Generic
- vertical scrollbar only displayed when needed
- most dialogs can be closed by pressing Escape
- the OK button in password dialogs is ghosted until passwords are given
- removed schema installation from to ease packaging

- the preferences and import/export druids crashed on some systems
- the gconf schema is checked on startup, and reinstalled when needed
- fields containing & were not displayed correctly
- file selector was opened when saving file in quit confirmation
- spin buttons would not accept input from the keyboard
- missing parent directories are created when saving files
- added access keys to popup menus
- file selectors and the about dialog set as transient for main window

Code changes:
- rewrote data handling to use new Entry and Field objects,
  and improved EntryStore, UndoQueue, DataFile and other
  related systems
- data handlers split out into separate modules
- rewrote the configuration handling, using a new Config class
- merged application UI and functionality classes
- cleaned up dialog and ui code

2004-04-06: Revelation 0.3.0

New features:
- integrated password generator
- gconf integration
- new preference dialog
- option for automatically opening file on startup
- option for hiding passwords
- an opened file can be locked
- many small ui and usability improvements

- the Figaro's Password Manager importer failed on empty fields
- the password dialog allowed passwords longer than the keylength
  of the encryption algorithms, causing them to fail

Other changes:
- complete rewrite of some components, and major cleanups of others
- removed the Usenet account type