Mike Bayer committed 14ac187

- adjust gc_collect for pypy

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     # "lazy" gc, for VM's that don't GC on refcount == 0
     lazy_gc = gc_collect
 elif pypy:
-    lazy_gc = gc_collect = gc.collect
+    def gc_collect(*args):
+        gc.collect()
+        gc.collect()
+    lazy_gc = gc_collect
     # assume CPython - straight gc.collect, lazy_gc() is a pass
     gc_collect = gc.collect


 from test.lib.schema import Table, Column
 from sqlalchemy.orm import mapper, relationship, backref, joinedload, \
     exc as orm_exc, object_session
+from sqlalchemy.util import pypy
 from test.engine import _base as engine_base
 from test.orm import _base, _fixtures
         eq_(, [(, 'u2')])
+    @testing.fails_if(lambda: pypy, "pypy has a real GC")
     @testing.fails_on('+zxjdbc', '')
     def test_prune(self):
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