Mike Bayer  committed b333a36

comment out the rollback on after test since pg8000 can deadlock on this (and its clear why).
but then what about the pypy jython team. ho hum.

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File test/lib/

 import sys, types, weakref
 from collections import deque
 from test.bootstrap import config
-from test.lib.util import decorator
+from test.lib.util import decorator, gc_collect
 from sqlalchemy.util import callable
 from sqlalchemy import event, pool
 from sqlalchemy.engine import base as engine_base
     def _after_test_ctx(self):
-        for conn in self.conns:
-            self._safe(conn.rollback)
+        pass
+        # this can cause a deadlock with pg8000 - pg8000 acquires
+        # prepared statment lock inside of rollback() - if async gc
+        # is collecting in finalize_fairy, deadlock.
+        # not sure if this should be if pypy/jython only
+        #for conn in self.conns:
+        #    self._safe(conn.rollback)
     def _stop_test_ctx(self):