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     an UPDATE.  Test coverage which wasn't present in 0.5
     has been added.  [ticket:1755]
+  - is no longer 
+    deprecated, and will eventually be rolled into a more 
+    comprehensive version of the feature for [ticket:1729].
   - the Numeric type raises an *enormous* warning when expected
     to convert floats to Decimal from a DBAPI that returns floats.
     This includes SQLite, Oracle, Sybase, MS-SQL.

File lib/sqlalchemy/sql/

           select, for columns that are calculated to be "equivalent"
           based on the join criterion of this :class:`Join`. This will
           recursively apply to any joins directly nested by this one
-          as well.  This flag is specific to a particular use case
-          by the ORM and is deprecated as of 0.6.
+          as well.
         :param \**kwargs: all other kwargs are sent to the 
           underlying :func:`select()` function.
         if fold_equivalents:
-            global sql_util
-            if not sql_util:
-                from sqlalchemy.sql import util as sql_util
-            util.warn_deprecated("fold_equivalents is deprecated.")
             collist = sql_util.folded_equivalents(self)
             collist = [self.left, self.right]