Ermine Writers

             ;"""""""""";          _`;; ""  «@`---v
            ; :::::  ::  "'      _` ;;  "    _.../
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         ,/ / ;;  ;;;______;;;  ;;; ::,`    / __/_____ _  ( )__  __
         /;; _;;   ;;;       ;       ;     / _//`__/  ' \/ /`_ \/ -)
         | :/ / ,;'           ;_ "")/     /___/_/ /_/_/_/_/_//_/\__/
         ; ; / /"""=            \;;\\""=
      ;"""';\::""""""=            \\"""=

Ermine Scala contains an abstract interface for defining report output formats. This project contains concrete implementations of that interface. Specifically, with the right Ermine Writer, you can use the Layout.Report API to:

  • show an active web-based report,
  • generate PDF,
  • show a GUI report with JavaFX,
  • provide a JSON API to the Ermine-selected data.

Before you use a writer for anything serious, please read! Some writers require certain third-party libraries that are not open source.


Contributions and bug reports are welcome! You can submit both through Bitbucket. We provide build instructions on the wiki.

We have two main development branches, not just one: scala-2.9.2 and default. development. Check the wiki for details, and advice on which to base your contribution on.

The foundation of this code is Ermine Scala. If you are having trouble building the latest Writers code, you may need to run sbt publish-local in the appropriate branch of that code first.

Talk to us

Ermine is a big project, and the developers have a wealth of knowledge about how various parts of it work. Join #ermine on to chat with the developers. Leave us a bug report if you have a more formal or detailed question.


Thank you to all contributors to Ermine Writers, most of whom are in in the distribution. Further details of their contributions are listed on the wiki.

The Ermine Writers project was started and continues to be developed at McGraw Hill Financial.


Basically, Ermine Writers is licensed under the 2-clause BSD license, a free and open source license; see COPYING. Full details of the licensing of this distribution are in

In particular, some third-party libraries certain writers depend on, but do not distribute, are not open source, though they are freely available; their license terms may disallow your intended use. Specifically, these writers may not be used in an environment that requires 100% open source. Please consult before you get too serious.