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 <h1 align=center><font size=-1>Pygame Tutorials</font><br>Line By Line Chimp</h1>
 <h2 align=center>by Pete Shinners<br><font size=-1></font></h2>
-<h3 align=center>Revision 1.0, December 14th, 2000</h3>
+<h3 align=center>Revision 1.1, January 5th, 2000</h3>
 chimp demo for yourself in the examples directory. 
 <p align=center><table border=1 bgcolor=#ddcc88 cellpadding=8><tr><td align=center>
+<font size=-1>(no, this is not a banner ad, its the screenshot)</font><br>
 <img src=chimpshot.gif alt="Chimp Screenshot" width=474 height=85><br>
 <a>Full Source</a>