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+More complete installation instructions are available in the docs directory.
+Note that basic installation requires at least Python 2.0 and SDL-1.1.5 to
+be installed. The latest version of each is recommended. Support for extra
+SDL daughter libraries is optional, but also recommended.
+The basic way to get pygame compiled and installed is to run the included
+"" script. This will do a reasonably automated config for your
+platform type. eventually this will create a customized copy of the ""
+file, named "Setup". It is also easy to make your own copy of ""
+and edit by hand.
+Once your "Setup" file is created, you need to run distutils. This is done
+by the command, "python install". This will (hopefully) compile and
+install all available pygame modules.
+From here either head to the more complete installation instructions in the
+docs directory. Or, if no errors, head to the examples directory to
+see everything working.
+Pete Shinners
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