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 Version: 0.4
 December 13, 2000
-(Installation instructions and more in the "docs" directory...)
+Quick installation instructions can be found in the file "install.txt"
+in this directory. Look in the docs directory for an "install.txt" with
+further details.
 With the 0.4 release things are looking really good. We've reached
 the point where full python games are approachable with pygame.

File docs/install.txt

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-Quickie build instructions for building and installing pygame
+Build instructions for building and installing pygame
 Nov 20, 2000
 pygame is built and installed using the python distutils.
 On unix, you will likely need to be root to install the
 library. The installation needs to create directories in
-the python include and site directories.
+the python include and site directories. Distutils offers
+flags to control where pygame will be installed.
 Assuming no errors stopped the install, you are good to go.
 Head to the examples directory and start trying things out.
 If you do have problems, first check the error. It is likely
-a problem with your Setup file. This is still early in the game
-and this process is largely untested. Get in touch with me and
-we can work to get this smooth for everyone.
+a problem with your Setup file. 
 Pete Shinners

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 file, named "Setup". It is also easy to make your own copy of "Setup.in"
 and edit by hand.
+On Windows systems, it is usually easiest to download the precompiled
+binaries for all the pygame dependencies. This download will come with
+its own "Setup" file that you will want to use.
+On Unix systems, the Setup file will be configured for the SDL dependency,
+but other dependencies may need more work. There is a chance the Setup will
+work as-is if all dependencies have been installed similarly. Otherwise
+configure the dependencies by hand and comment out the optional modules
+which you don't have dependencies for.
 Once your "Setup" file is created, you need to run distutils. This is done
 by the command, "python setup.py install". This will (hopefully) compile and
 install all available pygame modules.
 From here either head to the more complete installation instructions in the
 docs directory. Or, if no errors, head to the examples directory to
-see everything working.
+see everything working. The only demo that requires no optional libraries
+is the "stars.py" example.
 Pete Shinners