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 promises of riches and reward. The example itself is very simple, and
 a bit thin on errorchecking code. This sample program demonstrates
 many abilities like creating a graphics window, loading images and
-sound files, rendering TTF text, streaming music, and basic input and
-mouse handling.
+sound files, rendering TTF text, and basic event and mouse handling.
 This tutorial will go through the code block by block. Explaining how
 the code works. There will also be mention of how the code could be
-improved and what errorchecking could help out. 
+improved and what errorchecking could help out.
 This is an exellent tutorial for people getting their first look at the
 <i>pygame</i> code. Once <i>pygame</i> is fully installed, you can find and run the
-chimp demo for yourself in the examples directory.
+chimp demo for yourself in the examples directory. 
+<p align=center><table border=1 bgcolor=#ddcc88 cellpadding=8><tr><td align=center>
+<img src=chimpshot.gif alt="Chimp Screenshot" width=474 height=85><br>
+<a>Full Source</a>
 <h2>Import Modules</h2>
 graphics or doublebuffered displays, it does not matter, <i>pygame</i> will
 give us the best possible match.<br>
-Last we set the window title and turn of the mouse cursor for our
+Last we set the window title and turn off the mouse cursor for our
 window. Very basic to do, and now we have a small black window ready
 to do our bidding.<br>


+		  <!--header-->
+		  <!--script--><PRE><FONT COLOR=#1111CC>#/usr/bin/env python</FONT>
+<FONT COLOR=#115511>"""This simple example is used for the line-by-line tutorial
+that comes with pygame. It is based on a 'popular' web banner.
+Note there are comments here, but for the full explanation, 
+follow along in the tutorial. This code contains little error
+checking to make it a little clearer. The full tutorial explains
+where and how better error checking will help."""</FONT>
+<FONT COLOR=#1111CC>#Import Modoules</FONT>
+<FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>import</B></FONT> os
+<FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>import</B></FONT> pygame, pygame.font, pygame.image, pygame.mixer
+<FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>from</B></FONT> pygame.locals <FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>import</B></FONT> *
+<FONT COLOR=#1111CC>#Resource Filenames</FONT>
+chimpfile = os.path.join(<FONT COLOR=#115511>'data'</FONT>, <FONT COLOR=#115511>'chimp.gif'</FONT>)
+fistfile = os.path.join(<FONT COLOR=#115511>'data'</FONT>, <FONT COLOR=#115511>'fist.gif'</FONT>)
+hitfile = os.path.join(<FONT COLOR=#115511>'data'</FONT>, <FONT COLOR=#115511>'punch.wav'</FONT>)
+missfile = os.path.join(<FONT COLOR=#115511>'data'</FONT>, <FONT COLOR=#115511>'whiff.wav'</FONT>)
+<FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>def</B></FONT><A NAME="main"><FONT COLOR=#CC0000><B> main</B></FONT></A>():
+<FONT COLOR=#1111CC>#Initialize Everything</FONT>
+    pygame.init()
+    screen = pygame.display.set_mode((468, 60), HWSURFACE|DOUBLEBUF)
+    pygame.display.set_caption(<FONT COLOR=#115511>'Monkey Fever'</FONT>)
+    pygame.mouse.set_visible(0)
+<FONT COLOR=#1111CC>#Create The Backgound</FONT>
+    background = pygame.Surface(screen.get_size())
+    background.fill((250, 250, 250))
+<FONT COLOR=#1111CC>#Put Text On The Background, Centered</FONT>
+    font = pygame.font.Font(None, 36)
+    text = font.render(<FONT COLOR=#115511>"Pummel The Chimp, And Win $$$"</FONT>, 1, (10, 10, 10))
+    textpos = text.get_rect()
+    textpos.centerx = background.get_rect().centerx
+    background.blit(text, textpos)
+<FONT COLOR=#1111CC>#Display The Background While Setup Finishes</FONT>
+    screen.blit(background, (0, 0))
+    pygame.display.flip()
+<FONT COLOR=#1111CC>#Load Resources</FONT>
+    chimp = pygame.image.load(chimpfile).convert()
+    fist = pygame.image.load(fistfile).convert()
+    whiffsound = pygame.mixer.Sound(missfile)
+    hitsound = pygame.mixer.Sound(hitfile)
+<FONT COLOR=#1111CC>#Prepare To Animate</FONT>
+    chimppos = chimp.get_rect()
+    chimppos.bottom = screen.get_height()
+    chimpmove = 2
+    reload = 0
+<FONT COLOR=#1111CC>#Main Loop</FONT>
+    <FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>while</B></FONT> 1:
+    <FONT COLOR=#1111CC>#Handle Input, Check For Quit</FONT>
+        event = pygame.event.poll()
+        <FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>if</B></FONT> event.type == QUIT <FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>or</B></FONT> (event.type == KEYDOWN <FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>and</B></FONT> event.key == K_ESCAPE):
+            <FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>break</B></FONT>
+    <FONT COLOR=#1111CC>#Move The Monkey</FONT>
+        chimppos.left += chimpmove
+        <FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>if</B></FONT> <FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>not</B></FONT> screen.get_rect().contains(chimppos):
+            chimpmove = -chimpmove
+    <FONT COLOR=#1111CC>#Move And Punch The Fist</FONT>
+        fistpos = pygame.mouse.get_pos()    
+        pressed = pygame.mouse.get_pressed()[0]
+        <FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>if</B></FONT> <FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>not</B></FONT> reload <FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>and</B></FONT> pressed:
+            <FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>if</B></FONT> chimppos.collidepoint(fistpos):
+            <FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>else</B></FONT>:
+        reload = pressed
+        <FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>if</B></FONT> <FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>not</B></FONT> reload:
+            fistpos = fistpos[0] - 20, fistpos[1] - 10
+    <FONT COLOR=#1111CC>#Draw The Entire Scene</FONT>
+        screen.blit(background, (0, 0))
+        screen.blit(chimp, chimppos)
+        screen.blit(fist, fistpos)
+        pygame.display.flip()
+<FONT COLOR=#1111CC>#Game Over</FONT>
+<FONT COLOR=#1111CC>#this is python code to kickstart the program if not imported</FONT>
+<FONT COLOR=#3333CC><B>if</B></FONT> __name__ == <FONT COLOR=#115511>'__main__'</FONT>: main()
+		  <!--footer-->
+		  </BODY>
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