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Fixed import issues.

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File lib/Text/Bakers12/Tokenizer/Minimal.hs

 import qualified Data.Text as T
 import qualified Text.Bakers12.Tokenizer as B12
 import           Text.Bakers12.Tokenizer.Types hiding (append, concat)
-import qualified Text.Bakers12.Tokenizer.Types as Tkn
 -- | This reads text from an instsance of Data.Text.Text and returns a list of
 -- Token instances.

File src/Bakers12/Modes.hs

     ( execBakers12
     ) where
-import Bakers12.Cli hiding (files)
+import Bakers12.Cli hiding (files, filter)
 import Bakers12.Modes.Tokenizer (TokenFilter(..), tokenize)
 import Data.Maybe (fromMaybe)
+import Prelude hiding (filter)
 -- | This dispatching function.
 execBakers12 :: Modes -> IO ()