[Critical core improvement] setting.py changeover to use dictionary / cPickle

Issue #1 resolved
Steven Hartin
created an issue

The current system uses keyvalues which are unbelivably slow (around a second to iterate through 1k keys). Make sure that we use cPickle and dictionaries to control player settings, but keep the same API for backwards compatibility.

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  1. Tom Morton repo owner

    Mergin in Freddukes changes

    closes #1

    Massive updates to playerdata.py and adding in a new way to "clean" the player settings data for players who have not been on the server for a cusomisable amount of time)


  2. Tom Morton repo owner

    Fixes #1 Added the ability to expirer player settings after x days Added configuration to default core settings to decide how long before settings expire Changed the way playerdata saves, from keyvalues to dictionaries / cPickle Added the ability to remove all player's settings via API method in playerdata


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