Kohana Twitter Module

This module aims to create twittwe oauth support under Kohana.

I needed it for one of my projects so I figured it was best to
pull it out and release it for others to work with.

The existing Kohana Twitter module is very nice - but still
uses just Basic Auth. I needed OAuth and so required a rebuild.

On top of the basics of the library I have built a method to
store access keys - so this is completely usable as an login
method for your websites.

1. License

My code is free to use with no warranty.
Please bear in minde the OAuth code is from the FireEagle project
and BSD licensed (http://github.com/myelin/fireeagle-php-lib/).

This package is based around the TwitterOauth example by
Abraham (http://github.com/abraham/twitteroauth).

2. Usage

Simples. Check out the demo controller for examples of how to
do the login (hint: it really is stupidly easy)

To get started you need a consumer key/secret from twitter.

Go here: http://twitter.com/oauth_clients

Register your client (use return url of <youurlhere>/twitter_demo/complete)
and pop the keys into config/twitter.php

Then everything should work as is. Visit twitter_demo/login to
see it work :D