OpenCL course Erwin Coumans


This is material and source code for the OpenCL course


You can build the project executables under Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. In all cases the binary executables will be available in the bin folder.

Microsoft Windows Visual Studio 2010 or later

Install an OpenCL sdk from AMD, Intel or NVIDIA.

Click on build/vs2010.bat Click on build/vs2010/0MySolution.sln

Mac OSX and Xcode

Click on build/xcode4.command and open the XCode project in build/xcode4

Alternatively you can use a terminal window

cd build ./premake_osx xcode4 open xcode4/0MySolution.xcworkspace

Makefile (Linux and Mac OSX)

Install an OpenCL SDK from Intel, AMD or NVIDIA

open a terminal console and use

cd build ./premake_linux gmake cd gmake make or make config=release64 or make config=debug64


All the source code and OpenCL kernels are available under the permissive ZLib license