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Letting us click on a result to search further is nice, however it means that to get all possible results we have to click on all results - and that represents a lot of time, while the tool could do it instantaneously. And isn't it what it was made for ?

Humans do the thinking, robots do the automation.

Edit: oh and please add it for txt export too.

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  1. Alessandro Martin repo owner

    If you did all the requests at once Google will block in a second. I built the application in this way to avoid this. Robots do the automation, only if the API allows them to do it ;-)

  2. seau2donnee reporter
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    Wait, if I can do it manually without being blocked then so can the robot but much faster. To get level 2 results I have to click 10x26=260 times. Surely the robot can do this for me, even if it has to wait between requests it will be faster than me ;-)

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