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BloodRayne: The Third Reich Movie In Tamil Dubbed Download


Foo In the World War II, the Damphir Rayne fights against Nazis and joins the group of resistance led by Nathaniel Gregor. When they attack a train expecting to find weapons, they find people that are going to a concentration camp. Rayne is shot by a soldier and her blood drops on the face of Commandant Ekart Brand. She kills him but he turns into a powerful vampire. Now Rayne needs to fix the problem, otherwise Hitler may achieve her power with the research of Doctor Mangler. Rayne fights against the Nazis in Europe during World War II, encountering Ekart Brand, a Nazi leader whose target is to inject Adolf Hitler with Rayne&#39;s blood in an attempt to transform him into a dhampir and attain immortality. That very thought was going through my head when I rented this cinematic excrement. Nazis are my favourite bad guys and this seemed like a promising take on a good formula. In short, the story was vapid and the acting was awful. They threw in some sex to titillate, but all it did was make me angry. The mad doctor is over the top yet not in a good way and he was stupid to boot. The lead Nazi was an acceptable villain, but only because his acting was not painful and he was a Nazi. The heroine seemed rather one dimensional and devoid of life (which I think was the &quot;actress&#39;&quot; fault rather than the writers&#39; or even intentional). The heroine, by the way, never actually wears those painted on &quot;pants&quot;. Ever. Sorry. This movie is neither bad enough to be good nor is it passable as late night brain dead viewing. I should have known to save my $1.02 when I saw the cover. What can I say: I have a weakness for dead Nazis and shapely hips. This film, placed simply, is unsatisfying. The story is adequate, but the plot and characters simply are not given enough depth as this movie somewhat randomly movies on.<br/><br/>This focuses on a group of resistance fighters, (led by Brendan fletcher) Rayne, a sword wielding Dhampir Rayne (Natassia Malthe), and the antagonists- Nazis, helm-ed by Michael Pare. This is apparently more linked to the video game series as its set in world war 2, by the east front. The locations and sets give a real feel, but the wardrobe apartment is only half competent, with some out of place clothing and some ludicrously stitched on swastikas.<br/><br/>This &quot;half working&quot; aspect is present in other areas: German-Canadian accents sometimes present, music setting the tone- sometimes forcing emotional response not shown clearly in the film. I am a fan of Uwe Boll: HOTD= Funnily bad. ITNOTK= Clichaed entertainment AITD= Pure trash FC= sub-par action driven mediocrity. TR= a bit better Postal= dumb satire, but very enjoyable and funny rampage= hint of genius. As such, I was surprised by the apparent lack of enthusiasm shown for the movie. Hes announced a fourth, &quot;for money&quot;. This is obvious as cuts and angles seen to be there like hes following a guide or formulae, and seemed 2-dimentional. The basic premise was alright, the lead was sexy in her role and I appreciated the first sex scene, the second was.. unconvincing. The professor was annoying. And some of the action sequences were OKAY. Swords and guns, nothing too flashy. Shot people falling other clutching chest basically.<br/><br/>I think the ultimate failure is how seriously it takes itself. I feel as if this is just for a parody movie called Blubberella... Dramatic and too imposed music, cuts and an attempt to utilise the &quot;Nazis&quot; as villains didn&#39;t allow any &quot;fun&quot; in this film, as no less-serious (unless the professor was a relief character, instead of an unwelcome screen presence that SUCKED) reliefs such as good jokes/banter, action etc were used.<br/><br/>Archieve footage and the sex scene were the most entertaining parts in my opinion, a technically sound film with film-school direction and a small budget. 4/10. But you could feel from 2 to 6.

In fact there aren&#39;t as a comparison has shown. Despite the different ratings both versions are identical and the Unrated labeling is probably a marketing stunt. a5c7b9f00b

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