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Django file manager. Features:

  • adding files with own title (which will be the name of file), description and tags
  • tags with autocompletion
  • specify file types that can be uploaded (based on MimeType)
  • grouping file types
  • edition, files are overwritten with the same name
  • search by tags and group of files (jquery, search results change automatically when you enter tags and selecting groups of files + pagination)
  • ability to generate different sizes of image files
  • for each file: preview title, comment, tags, thumbnails, buttons: download, copy url to clipboard (require flash), select (currently works only with CKEditor)
  • delete files ( immediately remove thumbnails, unused tags and mimetypes)
  • built-in permissions (add, change, delete, view)
  • locales: EN, PL



From pypi:

$ pip install django-filetags


$ easy_install django-filetags


  • Add filetags to PYTHONPATH and installed applications in

  • Add filetags to

    url(r'^filetags/', include('filetags.urls')),
  • Run syncdb to create the tables.

  • Run collectstatic to copy the static files.

  • Application is avaiable at /filetags/.


  • Set the supported file formats.


    FILETAGS_MIME_TYPES = {'Images': ['image/jpeg', 'image/png', 'image/gif'],
                            'PDF': ['application/pdf', ]}

    You can find all media types in /etc/mime.types (Linux).

    The key is the name used in template. Call it what you want.

    Value is list of media types.

  • Set max file size in bytes.


  • Set the size of image files that will be used to create thumbnails.


    FILETAGS_IMAGE_SIZES = ['500x500', '400x400', '300x300', '200x200', '100x100']

    Important: Set sizes from largest to smallest. The last size will be used in search list so it shouldn't be too large.

  • Set the name of the directory where files are saved.


    FILETAGS_FILES_DIR = 'filetags/'
  • Set the number of files displayed on a single search page.




If filetags will be run from CKEditor then add an additional button that allows you to copy a file url directly to editor.


filebrowserBrowseUrl : '/filetags/',
filebrowserUploadUrl : '/filetags/add-file/',
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