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#Ebook download english The Math Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained in English 9781465480248 CHM FB2 ePub #####Publisher: DK

The Math Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

File name: The-Math-Book-Big-Ideas.pdf

ISBN: 9781465480248 | 352 pages | 9 Mb


Discover more than 85 of the most important mathematical ideas, theorems, and proofs ever devised, and the great minds behind them, with this original, graphics-led book.

Applying the Big Ideas Simply Explained series' trademark combination of authoritative, accessible text and bold graphics to chart the development of math through history, The Math Book explores and explains subjects ranging from ancient mathematical ideas and inventions, such as prehistoric tally bones and Sumerian multiplication tables, through the developments in mathematics during medieval and Renaissance Europe, to the more recent rise of game and group theory.

Tracing math through the scientific revolution to its 21st-century use in computers, the internet, and AI, The Math Book uses an innovative graphic-led approach to make the subject accessible to everyone.

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