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server / PHP - connect to MariaDB Server using Adminer

To connect to MariaDB Server from Server for PHP using Adminer
do those steps:

  1. Install and open MariaDB Server
  2. In main window of MariaDB Server select Server address field value
  3. Now press Start server to start MariaDB Server
  4. Now install, open and start Server for PHP
  5. Above start / stop server button there will be link to open main page of Server for PHP - press it, web browser should open
  6. If you did not change default index.php file, then you should see link to install / launch Adminer, press it
  7. Once Adminer opens you will see login window
  8. In login window set field Server to and Username to root (or use your username and password if you changed default ones)

! If you removed default index.php - then in Server for PHP there is option to restore all default files

! Similar steps will work for PhpMyAdmin only you will need to install it manually (download and copy files)