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Version History

Current Version: 2.5.12 (Raspberry pi: 2.4.8)

Updates currently must be distributed via the espec service department.

2.5.12 (1/17/2022):

  • raspberry pi not supported
  • Security update, upgrade all debian 9 packages to their latest version.

2.5.11 (6/23/2021):

  • raspberry pi not supported
  • Add an API route to connect directly to a chamber controller POST /api/[version]/chambers/1/controller/[id]/client

2.5.10 (6/15/2021):

  • raspberry pi not supported
  • Fix a setup issue caused by new chamber serial number format.

2.5.9 (11/10/2020):

  • raspberry pi not supported
  • Fixes issue where P300 network may get reset to DHCP on boot.

2.5.8 (10/26/2020):

  • raspberry pi not supported
  • Allow port forwarding into "internal" chamber network (eth0 to eth1 forwarding) through custom system variables. Intended to allow access to yokogawa recorder web interface on the internal chamber network.
  • Allow custom precisions to be set for external source editor, was hard coded to tenths place after decimal.
  • Addresses #133: "Network screen fails on 2.5+, when more than 2 or 3 chambers are present." (Not an issue but on 2.4.x but wanted to keep consistent; should not have worked on 2.4 either...)
  • Addresses #134: "Missing Status modes for some chamber types used by the network screen."
  • Addresses #132: "External source editor data formatter compare missing >= operation"
  • Addresses #131: "F4T non sequential loops break program editor."

2.5.7 (9/29/2020):

  • raspberry pi not supported
  • Fix color uploads, was broken in merge from 2.4.6 to 2.5.6.

2.5.6 (9/23/2020):

  • raspberry pi not supported
  • Add color customization screen, allows user to select color coding for operating mode.
  • Fixes for thermotronTCP network screen converter converter.
  • Adds P310/P200 Temp/Humi chamber TCP network screen converter.
  • Adds P310 thermal shock chamber TCP network screen converter (consider this a beta).
  • Allow only 4 requests to the server at a time on the network screen so that it remains responsive.
  • Add support for specifying port to network screen ip addresses. ex:

2.5.5 (9/3/2020):

  • raspberry pi not supported
  • Fix issue with downloading programs failing from program editor screen.

2.5.4 (9/3/2020?):

  • raspberry pi not supported
  • Move loop image directory to read/write location so they can actually be used.

2.5.3 (6/23/2020):

  • raspberry pi not supported
  • Fix issue where loading chamber interface config file fails because datetime is included, ignore datetime.
  • Fixes graph range selector (datetimes time zones where wrong).
  • Data downloads now match configured data series.
  • Add options for quickly altering users data series.
  • Alert user to F4T program names that are too long.
  • Disable csrf
  • Add minimum time span for graph to fix bugs.
  • Add a system variable to suppress os_setup error messages. Used for demo unit as it has no persistent storage.

2.5.2 (5/5/2020):

  • raspberry pi not supported
  • Macro message operation alert no longer times out.
  • Allow override of events where manual == false.
  • Prevent a user from overwriting a running program (watlow controllers).
  • Fix issue where system would test P300 controller type when P300 was not selected.
  • Fixes for os_setup script.
  • Properly backup configuration database when system variables are updated.

2.5.1 (4/14/2020):

  • raspberry pi not supported
  • Fix an issue where external source(s) sending the float +/- inf crashes the external source editor.
  • On trend graphs when a color is not defined for a series modify the "random" color algorithm to use MD5 for a more random appearance. (colors are not random, they are calculated from the label the same way every time).
  • Fix os_setup script to function properly (critical bug fix, must update all 2.5.0 with this ASAP).

2.5.0 (4/2/2020):

  • Change hardware from raspberry pi to AAEON UP2, 2.5+ requires the new hardware
  • F4T based chambers now have the option to use Ethernet instead of serial communications.
  • Internal configuration database backup to ensure system functionality.
  • Kiosk support when automatically activated when a display is connected; on screen keyboard is activated on first touch event.
  • Rework old format csv log logic to run once per day to prevent excessive log storage wear.
  • Migrate system back to sqlite from mysql to prevent excessive log storage wear.
  • Add automatic data log backup system via USB and SMB shares. Much more accessible than macro based backups (though less flexible).
  • Experimental graphana support added via the simple JSON data source.
  • Automatic logout functionality implemented, defaults to a year which is the same as previous versions.
  • Set celery results timeout to 60 seconds to reduce redis-server memory usage.
  • Account type "user" may now view a list of programs and view their parameters, they may not edit the programs.
  • Add screen shot functionality for the trend graph(s)
  • Add a 'message' option to macros that notify the first user to access the interface.
  • Fixes #100 "Improve root file system reliability" hardware change, uses two SSD one for OS and one for Logging
  • Fixes #106 "Firmware update process is not very robust" by using
  • Fixes #125 "Macro Example "Hourly upload data logs to FTP server." editor fails to open"

2.4.8 (10/26/2020):

  • Addresses #133: "Network screen fails on 2.5+, when more than 2 or 3 chambers are present." (Not an issue but on 2.4.x but wanted to keep consistent; should not have worked on 2.4 either...)
  • Addresses #134: "Missing Status modes for some chamber types used by the network screen."

2.4.7 (unreleased):

  • Addresses #131: "F4T non sequential loops break program editor."

2.4.6 (9/23/2020):

  • Add color customization screen, allows user to select color coding for operating mode.
  • Fixes for thermotronTCP network screen converter converter.
  • Adds P310/P200 Temp/Humi chamber TCP network screen converter.
  • Adds P310 thermal shock chamber TCP network screen converter (consider this a beta).
  • Allow only 4 requests to the server at a time on the network screen so that it remains responsive.
  • Add support for specifying port to network screen ip addresses. ex:

2.4.5 (3/19/2020):

  • Add md5.js so trend.js stringToColor function gives more random colors.

2.4.4 (2/3/2020):

  • Fixes #124 "On EQ chambers with PTCON option, PTCON option cannot be enabled via web interface"

2.4.3 (9/6/2019):

  • Fixes #122 "EQ chambers with PTCON option program read is broken"

2.4.2 (unreleased):

  • Fixes #118 "knockout.js fails to render app.html in error state".
  • Fixes #119 "P300 program details Abs High/Low affect monitor graph y axis range"
  • Fixes #120 "Monitor Graph allowable range is invalid when a loops range min/max is zero"
  • Fixes #121 "F4T control loops must be sequential"

2.4.1 (6/7/2019):

  • Fixes #116 "Auto configure disables setup wizard"
  • Fixes #117 "Invalid SQL defaults periodic tasks"

2.4.0 (6/4/2019):

  • Resolves #83 “Add support for vibration on P300 Chambers.”
  • Resolves #87 “Add support for air speed control on P300 chamber’s that support the AIR? command”
  • Fixes #96 “Command Forwarder closes TCP connect on first command after reboot.”
  • Fixes #97 “Time signals section visible on constant page even on system with no time signals”
  • Fixes #98 “CSV files are missing from samba share with 2.3.x versions, add them back for compatibility”
  • Fixes #99 “Graphs on monitor page are cumbersome on multi controller chambers.”
  • Resolves #102 “Add support for Version 1 espec north america web controllers on the network view”
  • Fixes #104 “Network view empty panels”
  • Resolves #105 “Add support for Thermotron 8x00 chambers on the network view”
  • Fixes #107 “Setting the chamber controllers date/time does not always work”
  • Fixes #108 “Setup page fails on internet explorer 9 and 10”
  • Fixes #109 “Race condition can cause configuration reset”
  • Fixes #110 “Add a function to delete csv files on user’s request”
  • Fixes #111 “Server date/time setup option does not work”
  • Fixes #112 “The “Upload Configuration” button is borken”
  • Fixes #114 “/systems/neighbors/find can fail causing annoying errors”

2.3.7 (2/19/2019):

  • fixes #103 (Watlow F4T's with cascade loops fail to update from constant page.)

2.3.6 (12/17/2018):

  • fixes #94 (Applying network settings from the P300's HMI does not work)
  • fixes #95 (On P300 chambers network settings will reset to DHCP if Ethernet cable is unplugged)

2.3.5 (12/11/2018):

  • fixes #93 (Update process is not installing required configuration files)
  • fixes #92 (Update email server settings to match new credentials)
  • fixes #91 (Communication errors with process controller causes other problems)
  • fixes #90 (ZeroReturnError thrown when scanning network for other Controllers)

2.3.4 (11/27/2018):

  • fixes #89 (Race condition for adding rows to Refrigerator & ProgramList tables.)

2.3.3 (11/20/2018):

  • fixes #86 (On version 2.3.X not all constant mode parameters may be set.)
  • fixes #88 (Cascade deletes on Controller table do not work.)

2.3.2 (10/26/2018):

  • fixes #80 (default configuration pages fails loading)
  • fixes #81 (w/ no log data; recent query fails)
  • fixes #82 (w/ no log data; trend stats request fails)
  • fixes #84 (demo mode allows log delete)
  • fixes #85 (needed let causing issues with older browsers)

2.3.1 (10/23/2018):

  • Fix problem with unexpected operation mode strings breaking operating mode percentage calculations.
  • Fix problem with macro wait operation configuration and execution (neither worked...)

2.3.0 (10/5/2018):

  • Add a macro system to trigger a set of operations when a specified condition is met.
  • Add external source options for logging/displaying data from devices that support standard protocols (Modbus only for now).
  • Add basic automatic configuration of connected process controller to simplify initial setup.
  • Add ability for shown eliments to be hidden if the chamber does not support that feature (ie programs).
  • Add operating statistics that shows the percentage of time the chamber is in each mode.
  • Add a table listing all operating modes the chamber has been in and allow that data be be downloaded/viewed.
  • Add "Apply & Start Constant Mode"/"Start Constant Mode" to "constant" screen for quicker operation.
  • Add ability to start a program from the "program" screen for quicker operation.
  • Add output power to each control loop on the side bar.
  • Add support for configurable ntp server's
  • Add support for using system time for logging (when NTP is valid) with a system variable (contact service).
  • Add support for using process controller's time as if it is UTC so front end displays correct times no matter where a user is with a system variable (contact service).
  • Add automatic SAMBA data log transfers (macro system) (issue #14)
  • Add Email alert at end of profile or change of mode (macro system) (issue #30)
  • Add ability to issue web hooks when chamber reaches a defined state (macro system) (issue #31)
  • Add automatic FTP data log transfers (macro system) (issue #33)
  • Add deep data filtering and retrieval (macro system) (issue #36)
  • Add units to program screen ramp rates on Watlow F4/F4T based chambers (issue #72)
  • Add the ability to display/log data from generic devices that support Modbus TCP/RTU (external sources system) (issue #74)
  • Add a warning when entered network settings are obviously invalid (issue #69)
  • Add a program loop/cycle/counter status display (issue #68)
  • Improved performance when interacting with process controller(s).
  • Improved network fallback system on new installs by making it using DHCPCD instead of old unreliable method.
  • Improved setup screen by moving it to its own page (configuration errors don't block access anymore).
  • Improved setup screen layout; sidebar system works better on larger screens than accordion.
  • Improved network view editor by making it what you see is what you get.
  • Improved RESTful api by adding missing end points/actually using the uri to select elements.
  • Improved RESTful api by moving the last few system holdouts into it (reboot, users, etc)
  • Improved monitor page's graph by making plotted data configurable; and adding more available state data.
  • Improved chamber configuration file upload by notifying on success (issue #50)
  • Improved user account management to make it much clearer what is going on (issue #64)
  • Fix hide time signal section of sidebar when system has no time signals (issue #49)
  • Fix monitor graph middle click pan does not work on current versions of chrome/opera (issue #61)
  • Fix no timeout on api requests to other chambers (issue #63)
  • Fix network view allowing user's without permission from modifying the view (issue #62)
  • Fix logging configuration sample interval allowed range and description to be consistent (issue #67)
  • Fix SCP-220 program editor allowing cycle counts of greater than 99 to be entered (issue #76)
  • Fix user not being notified that PTCON and humidity are mutually exclusive operating modes (issue #66)
  • Fix network view fails when server IP address changes (issue #65)
  • Fix setValue is ignored unless enable is true on /api/v1.0/chambers/1/loops (issue #73)
  • Fix SCP-220/P300 errors out if all time signals are not enabled on the process controller (issue #15)
  • Fix basic API authentication (issue #52)

2.2.8 (7/17/2018):

  • Update default SMTP settings.

2.2.7 (4/12/2018):

  • Correct RESTful API basic authentication.

2.2.6 (3/26/2018):

  • Adds factory reset button to setup page to correct database configuration errors.

2.2.5 (3/23/2018):

  • Fixes to chamber connect library that corrects reading programs with empty names ie "".

2.2.4 (3/13/2018):

  • issue #54 was not truly fixed it is now.
  • Fixes to chamber connect library that corrects intermittent problems writing SCP-220 programs with guaranteed soak enabled

2.2.3 (9/20/2017):

  • Fix F4 event # wrong on program editor (issue #60)
  • Fix data not being logged in some watlow F4 based chamber configurations.

2.2.2 (9/18/2017):

  • Fix silent status update exceptions (issue #59)
  • Fix first loop must be named temperature (issue #56)
  • Fix Watlow F4 w/condtion event always const (issue #55)
  • Fix network view layout cumbersome (issue #54)
  • Fix F4 alarm high vs low (issue #53)

2.2.1 (5/16/2017):

  • Fix static file versioning so that updated static files do not require manual refresh (issue #47).
  • Fix Network view incorrect color for off chambers (issue #46)
  • Fix issue loading in neighboring chambers when not logged in (issue #45)

2.2.0 (4/27/2017):

  • Link to other controllers on network in the breadcrumb bar (web controller name is now a drop down)
  • Add a new view for screens wider that 1600 pixels
  • Add current program cycles/counter status to the api (v1.1)
  • Multi-thread database update process for chambers with multiple controllers (makes interface more responsive)
  • Clicking the monitor tab's graph now results in a easier to read pop up in place of a list below the graph.
  • Add the network view giving an at a glance view of all chambers on the network.
  • Proxy support for sending emails (required if the target network requires all traffic to go through a proxy to reach the internet).
  • Watlow F4 Support.
  • Additional controls for the monitor tab's graph (independent axis zooming, zoom extents, disable scrool wheel controls).
    • A future update will make these settings persistant per user.
  • Reconfigure apache for better response times under heavier load.
  • Online core is now fully supported.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • WatlowF4T cascade loop setpoint minumum now works corretly instead of always returning -100
    • Firefox no longer triggers "server offline" on form submission.
    • Wizard modals no longer overflow off te screen on IE (all modals now scroll internally instead of making the page longer)
    • Configurating EN chamber using the presets now works.
    • /api/v1.0/chambers/1/events/1 now works (accessing event by id does not work).
    • Database connection errors no longer occur on first boot.
    • Firmware update process fixed for future updates (currently returns error instead of success message).
    • Navigating directly to program editor when not logged in now returns decent error response instead of error page.
    • Trying to delete a running program on the WatlowF4T now returns error message instead of false success messsage.
    • Monitor tab's graph legend is now clickable when the page initially loads (was not clickable until graph refreshed).
    • Submitting a form with an expired CSRF token now explains why the form submission failed instead of going to a useless error page.
    • javascript files used by the web ui are now versioned so that hard page refreshes are not required after updates.

2.1.2 (2/16/2017):

  • Bug fixes for multi controller chambers.

2.1.1 (2/2/2017):

  • Add better descriptions of chamber config options.
  • Add icons for loop names (defaults to none)

2.1.0 (1/24/2017):

  • Merge multiple page system into a single page approach.
  • Add support for for cascade on the WatlowF4T
  • Add support for the Espec P300 chamber controller.
  • Add support for the Espec SCP-220 chamber controller.
  • Add TCP direct interface to chamber controller.
    • Port 502 for modbus based chamber controllrs (WatlowF4T)
    • Port 10001 for Espec P300/SCP-220
  • Add REST API.
  • Add message when server is offline.
  • Add new first configuration wizard.
  • Notify user of non working browsers (ie8 and older)
  • Switch to MySQL backend, (this makes updating from 2.0.0 difficult.
  • Move background error messages to setup screen to stop spamming user with non critical errors.
  • Add support for multi-controller chambers ie large IR chambers.

2.0.0 (4/1/2016):

  • Initial Redesign, WatlowF4T support only.


  • Make baud rate configurable, SCP has intermittent issues with 19200, P300 requires 19200 for internal installations.
  • Add basic install instructions to config.html, auto-detect now figures out baud rate.
  • Correct TCP forwarder to properly handle client disconnects/timeouts.


  • Correct issue where programs could not be saved when TCPForwarding is disabled.


  • Correct program reads incorrectly showing humidity active and ignoring granity.


  • Change serial device to /dev/ttyUSB0 (default + all preset files).
  • Correct program downloads. cgi data now always array with new ruby version.


  • Merge SCP220 firmware into P300 firmwares.
  • Correct data logging process to use configured settings not autodetection (autodetection randomly incorrect).
  • Change baud rate to 19200.
  • Change maximum # of data points too 1000000 (can be changed for use on old gumstix hardware).
  • Speed up CSV generation and graph data collection algorithm.
  • Add auto configure button for everything except humdity graph (cannot be auto detected).
  • Remove Time signal configuration options, in the future will be replaced with usefull individual selection system.
  • Update ruby backend for newer 1.9.X versions
  • Add current list of custom humidity graphs.
  • Support new Hardware (raspberry pi) much faster and allows for more data storage.
  • Add ability to display MAC address, passcode protected.
  • Add basic status menu on video outputs and ssh login.

1.0.0 (old hardware only):

  • Initial P300 Release