dairiki avatar dairiki committed 4e41f24

Intersphinx: parse inventories correctly when object names contain embedded spaces.

This is an issue, e.g., for (multi-word) glossary terms.

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 import urllib2
 import posixpath
 from os import path
+import re
 from docutils import nodes
         assert not buf
     for line in split_lines(read_chunks()):
-        name, type, prio, location, dispname = line.rstrip().split(None, 4)
+        # be careful to handle names with embedded spaces correctly
+        m = re.match(r'(?x)(.+?)\s+(\S*:\S*)\s+(\S+)\s+(\S+)\s+(.*)',
+                     line.rstrip())
+        if not m:
+            continue
+        name, type, prio, location, dispname = m.groups()
         if location.endswith(u'$'):
             location = location[:-1] + name
         location = join(uri, location)


 module2 py:module 0 foo.html#module-$ -
 module1.func py:function 1 sub/foo.html#$ -
 CFunc c:function 2 cfunc.html#CFunc -
+a term std:term -1 glossary.html#term-a-term -
     assert invdata1['py:function']['module1.func'][2] == \
     assert invdata1['c:function']['CFunc'][2] == '/util/cfunc.html#CFunc'
+    assert invdata1['std:term']['a term'][2] == \
+           '/util/glossary.html#term-a-term'
 @with_app(confoverrides={'extensions': 'sphinx.ext.intersphinx'})
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