Indexer Data Processing Utility

Indexer is a utility for indexing archival content produced by the eSRC OHRM.

This is a complete re-write of That product is deprecated and will not receive any further updates.


Indexer is a project of the eScholarship Research Center at the University of Melbourne. For more information about the project, please contact us at:

eScholarship Research Center University of Melbourne Parkville, Victoria Australia



Please see the LICENSE file for license information.


This runs on Scholarly-python2 - our distribution of python 2.7 built to support our environment. See: (though note that it it's likely out of date compared to our active build).


Run python -h for a list of options. A configuration file is required, to specify indexing options. You can copy the included indexer.cfg.example file to a new location and edit it as needed.

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