rename LOG to GHOST_LOG

Issue #317 resolved
created an issue

In my case #define LOG(type,color,...) in ghost/log.h conflicts with another #define LOG() in my application.

As ghost is a library, I suggest to rename it to GHOST_LOG()?!

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  1. Jonas Thies

    Re #317, I agree that ghost is polluting the global space very much, this commit fixes part of the problem by e.g. prefixing the LOG macros. I don't like some of the others either, ghost should not define MPI_CALL or HWLOC_CALL etc.

    An alternative to renaming everything would be to make the macros 'private' to ghost and don't install the corresponding headers (like log.h), but unfortunately other headers use the macros, too.

    → <<cset d747709ed0d8>>

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