cannot link test drivers with static libghost.a

Issue #319 new
Jonas Thies
created an issue

This issue was discovered by @Fabian Topfstedt Wein, it turns out thta if the cmake flag BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF is set, the C Drivers in test/ do not find the C++ symbols from libstdc++. Theoretically CMake should recognize that libghost.a Needs libstdc++, but it either doesn't do so or it puts the libs in the wrong order (which doesn't matter for shared libs)

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  1. Jonas Thies reporter

    no, it's a Workaround if you just want to build the libraries and install. I don't quite understand what's wrong, normally cmake should recognize that the Driver is C and the libs contain C++ code and link the libstdc++, this also works with BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON.

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