element-wise multiplication kernels for densemats

Issue #328 open
Jonas Thies created an issue

I would like to have the two element-wise operations for densemats X and Y

a) X and Y have k columns, Y(i,j) = alphaX(i,j)Y(i,j)

b) X has one column, Y has k columns: Y(i,j) = alphaX(i,1)Y(i,j)

suggsted synopsis:

ghost_error ghost_mult(ghost_densemat X, ghost_densemat Y, void* alpha)

Comments (16)

  1. Jonas Thies reporter

    tests on the CPU are passing now, thanks! GPU tests fail (probably not implemented yet?)

  2. Dominik Ernst

    Ah, I remember having had inconsistencies about which matrix is which, and having changed that, which apparently did not carry over to the kernel code.

    I thought the behaviour was consistent with the CPU Kernels, they do work as expected?

  3. Jonas Thies reporter

    don't think so, our build server is just now running ghost builds with the latest patch. It seems to be a bit out-of-sync

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