primary-poll-tracker is the Electoral Statistics tool to track national standing in the 2016 Presidential primaries. fetches the polls from Pollster and puts them in a MySQL database. The script first adjusts the MySQL database according to the candidate lists dem-candidates.txt and repub-candidates.txt and then fetches polling for all of those candidates then goes through candidate-by-candidate and runs them through a Kalman filter (which resides in, as described here and then outputs charts such as those titled Dem.png and Repub.png.

To-Do There is a lot that still needs to be done before these charts are complete. I would also like to automatically date the images and put a timestamp on the filename so that it produces a new image every time it is run. Eventually, some sort of smoothing will eventually be applied to the Kalman filter results to make it a bit prettier. Finally, we need to incorporate a solution for when there are gaps in the days.