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UrllibAdapterMiddleware manualy put

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     def __init__(self, timeout=5, middlewares=None):
         super(UrllibDownloader, self).__init__(middlewares=middlewares)
-        # insert urllib adpter middleware by default
-        self.middlewares.insert(0, UrllibAdapterMiddleware())
         self.timeout = timeout
     def get(self, requests):


 from pomp.core.base import BaseCrawler, BaseDownloaderMiddleware
 from pomp.core.engine import Pomp
 from pomp.contrib.urllibtools import UrllibDownloader, ThreadedDownloader
+from pomp.contrib.urllibtools import UrllibAdapterMiddleware
 from mockserver import HttpServer, make_sitemap
 from tools import DummyCrawler
         collect_middleware = CollectRequestResponseMiddleware()
         downloader = ThreadedDownloader(
-            middlewares=[collect_middleware]
+            middlewares=[UrllibAdapterMiddleware(), collect_middleware]
         downloader.middlewares.insert(0, req_resp_midlleware)
         catch_exception_middleware = CatchException()
         pomp = Pomp(
-                middlewares=[catch_exception_middleware]),
+                middlewares=[
+                    UrllibAdapterMiddleware(),
+                    catch_exception_middleware
+                ]),
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