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ForeignKey to Subclass whose primary key is a foreign key doesn't work

Moritz Schlarb
created an issue

At least, the arrow doesn't get drawn.

Once again, in my application: https://github.com/moschlar/SAUCE/blob/develop/sauce/model/user.py#L167 , you can see that there is ForeignKey('students.id') which itself is id = Column(Integer, ForeignKey('users.id'), primary_key=True).

If I change the ForeignKey in the secondary mapping table to ForeignKey('users.id'), the arrow gets drawn (but to the User entity of course, so I suppose it comes from the inheritance and uncommon ForeignKey placement.

Of couse, I can just add the two arrows in the dot-file, but maybe you'll want to have a look at it! ;)

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