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Issue #100 resolved
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The PomBase slim was recently updated to give better coverage and minimise redundancy.

Some changes chromosome organization was replaced by chromatin organization cytokinesis was replaced by mitotic cytokinesis, and some categories were removed completely.

A consequence of this is that these links no longer work. I waited a few days as I thought EsyN may need time to catch up.

Could you check that you are picking up the current PomBase slim, and let me know if the problem is at our end or your end.



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  1. Valerie Wood

    Hi Dan,

    Did you get a chance to look into this? The problem is still there so it does not appear to be a synchronicity issue (unless EsyN has not updated PomBase data). It could be caused if the GO slim terms are 'hardwired' at your end. If you can't see a reason, let me know and I will dig deeper.


  2. Valerie Wood
  3. Dan Bean

    the location we were using for the slim file wasn't the one being updated, this is now fixed and we fetch from the new location.

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