Disperse nodes - create duplicate edges in merge..

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Issue #17 on hold
Giorgio Favrin created an issue

When merging few networks the interactions between disperse nodes become duplicated if e.g I gave APP - PSEN1 in several networks..

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  1. Dan Bean

    As I understand your example, the merge function didn't create that edge - you did. It wouldn't be possible for a Model because only the place could be disperse and I check for duplicate edges for disperse places so it could only happen in a Diagram, in which case duplicates are allowed.

  2. Dan Bean

    I could add an option to the merge function for Diagrams that will only allow up to one edge of each type (genetic, physical, undefined) to exist for each pair of nodes in the final network?

  3. Giorgio Favrin reporter

    Hmm let's think about it.. maybe this option to have only one edge of each type would be good... its not super urgent though

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