Query about data in graph for v-m-t for pombe

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Issue #82 closed
Valerie Wood created an issue

In these graphs http://www.esyn.org/builder.php?publishedid=232&type=Graph

which interactions are showing?The curated ones?

This would make sense (could the organism and interaction type set automatically to match the data?)

However, i couldn't figure out why vps17,29,36 an 35 has connections to itself (I don't see any recorded interactions of this type in PomBase or BioGRID)


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  1. Dan Bean

    Those are purple edges so interactions within complexes, those edges specifically come from GO:0030904 retromer complex in the pombase data

  2. Dan Bean

    I see what the problem is, those edges are created because every member of the retromer complex is annotated to it twice in the complexes file, with two different evidence codes. I thought that file was a unique list of members of complexes. I'll add the extra processing of that file and those edges should go away.

  3. Valerie Wood reporter

    Thanks for that. It might make sense for us to refine the source files. I will have a think about the other users of the complex file, and the implications.

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