This repository consists of three forks:
- Erlang Web
- Nitrogen
- SimpleBridge

It's main target is to integrate those two frameworks so
they can cooperate in building fast, scalable and easy
to use websites.

In order to run Erlang Web and Nitrogen together user must
do the following things:

$ cd SimpleBridge
$ make
$ cd ../nitrogen
$ make
$ cd Quickstart
$ ./
$ cd ../../erlang_web
$ ./bin/compile.erl
$ ./bin/start.erl
$ ./bin/start_interactive inets single_node -pa ../sb_nitrogen/ebin/ -pa ../SimpleBridge/ebin -pa ../sb_nitrogen/Quickstart/ebin -pa ../sb_nitrogen/Quickstart/apps -eval "default_process_cabinet_handler:start()."

Now point your browser at http://localhost:8080/web/samples
and enjoy the power of Erlang Web and Nitrogen!

Note that some of the features are still not implemented 
(merged). Moreover, we still need some time for merging
Nitrogen's trunk with our fork version. 

At the end some integration techniques are missing - 
e.g. starting inets server twice, yaws support, some
better dispatching, etc.