lhttpc is a lightweight HTTP/1.1 client implemented in Erlang, developed at Erlang Training and Consulting Ltd.




  • Persistent connections (configurable timeout)
  • HTTP / HTTPS (ssl) support
  • HTTP versions < 1.1 should be supported

Pipelining will probably never be supported...


  • No support for "streaming" the response body (this means that the whole response body will be returned as a binary, regardless of its size)
    • Added in current tip
  • No support for SSL options, such as client certificates
    • Added in current tip
  • The client can't follow redirects
  • It's not possible to limit the number of outgoing connections
  • No proper support for Except: 100-continue behaviour


Current stable: 1.2.4

Version history:


  • Add support for HTTP redirects
  • Consider support for limiting number of sockets

(c) 2009, Erlang Training and Consulting Ltd.


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