rebar_templates / nitro_web_index.erl

%% @author {{name}} {{email}}
%% @copyright YYYY {{name}}.



         , title/0
         , layout/0
	 , event/1

main() ->
    #template { file="./templates/grid.html" }.

title() ->

layout() ->
    #container_12 {
        body=[#grid_12 { class=header, body={{appid}}_common:header(home) },
              #grid_clear {},

              #grid_6 { alpha=true, body={{appid}}_common:left() },
              #grid_6 { omega=true, body={{appid}}_common:right() },
              #grid_clear {},
              #grid_12 { body={{appid}}_common:footer() }

event(Event) ->
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