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Torbjorn Tornkvist  committed 0218b7e

Avoiding trouble with inet6 by explicitly specifying bind_address.

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File src/redhot2.app.src

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   % configuration parameters similar to those in the config file specified on the command line
-  {env, [{ip, ""}
+  {env, [{ip, {127,0,0,1}}
          ,{port, 8282}
 	 ,{log_dir, "/tmp"}
 	 ,{doc_root, "./www"}

File src/redhot2_inets.erl

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                     [{port, redhot2_deps:get_env(port, redhot2:default_port())}
                      ,{server_name,  redhot2_deps:get_env(hostname, redhot2:hostname())}
+                     ,{bind_address,  redhot2_deps:get_env(ip, {127,0,0,1})}
                      ,{server_root, "."}
                      ,{document_root, redhot2_deps:get_env(doc_root,"./www")}
                      ,{modules, [?MODULE]}