Oscar Hellström committed 18536cf

Dialyzer pointed out that there was some dead code so I removed it.

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File src/lhttpc_client.erl

         {ok, http_eoh} ->
             lhttpc_sock:setopts(Socket, [{packet, raw}], Ssl),
             case read_body(Vsn, Hdrs, Ssl, Socket) of
-                {ok, NewBody} ->
-                    {ok, {Status, Hdrs, NewBody}, Socket};
                 {ok, NewBody, NewSocket} ->
                     {ok, {Status, Hdrs, NewBody}, NewSocket};
                 {error, Reason} ->
 read_length(Hdrs, Ssl, Socket, Length) ->
-    Response = lhttpc_sock:read(Socket, Length, Ssl),
-    case Response of
+    case lhttpc_sock:read(Socket, Length, Ssl) of
         {ok, Data} ->
             NewSocket = case lhttpc_lib:header_value("connection", Hdrs) of
                 "close" ->